Why I love volunteering with the Dublin SPCA

The pond at the Dublin SPCAAbout two years ago I was put in a four day week in work. Around the same time we got our first dog, Ollie. We decided to bring Ollie for training classes and picked the DSPCA training classes (which, by the way, I would highly recommend) and I found myself looking towards the shelter and wondering if, now that I had an extra day off a week, they would take me as a volunteer.

I registered on the website before I could change my mind (I have a habit of getting over excited about an idea, but the ideas often fizzle as quickly as they burn brightly.) Within a week I found myself scrubbing out the Dog Rehoming Kennels and loving every minute of it. Almost every Friday morning for the last year and a half I’ve been at the shelter, first working in the rehoming kennels and then attempting to help Barbara at reception.

These are the reasons why I look forward to Friday mornings:

‎- The feeling of being part of something worthwhile.
– The friends I have made with other volunteers and staff.
– The sense of satisfaction of a job well done – the animals deserve the best care and the cleanest digs and they get it!
– The feeling of utter exhaustion when I get home from a shift in dog rehoming – it’s hard work but so rewarding (and the dirtier I am the harder I was working).
– The sense of purpose I get from cleaning kennels and pods. I know I am making a difference in these animals’ lives.
– The reminder that life is about more than just me and what’s going on in my world.
– Volunteering at the shelter has really re-energised me and given me a sense of direction and purpose that was missing for a while.
– For some reason I don’t even mind scooping the poop.

(I saved the best for last)
– The wag of a tail when I go into a kennel. Some of the dogs at the DSPCA have had a hard life, but yet they don’t want much (somewhere warm to sleep, a good meal, access to water and a good walk). And above all they want a bit of love and affection and they reward this with ten times the love back at you.

Thank you Dublin SPCA for everything you have given me. And to anyone thinking of becoming a volunteer, for any charity: DO IT, it might just be the best thing you have ever done.


7 thoughts on “Why I love volunteering with the Dublin SPCA

  1. So Jen, you’re admitting you’re a bit of a scrubber…ha ha. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into the shelter and our dogs; we all love you for it. We couldn’t do the work we do without people like you Jenny. Miriam xx

  2. Great post. You really get across the sense of the pleasure you get out of it, and the joy the dogs get too. The wag of a tail was my fvourite party of my day when I had a dog. When I’d get home from work Betsy (my dog) would go beserk, her whole bum wagging! I miss her.

    • I love that too, when I get home you’d swear Ollie and Mia thought I was never coming home again. I love it. Animals have such an ability to bounce back, they could teach us humans a thing our two.

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