This Is Knit move house

Ok, this is a really quick post just to show off a few of the photos I took today when I popped into This Is Knit to see the new shop. The place looks amazing and the full of yarny goodness. The shop is flooded with gorgeous light coming in from the large windows.

The shop is split over two floors with books and a seating area upstairs with room for knitting classes. Downstairs the walls are lined with shelves full of yummy yarn. Don’t ask me what’s in any of the photos because I haven’t a clue, it really was a flying visit.

But there are buttons, which did make me actually squeal and yarny cards made my one of favourite photographers, Julie (and I’m not just saying that because she is shooting my wedding ;-))

This Is Knit is more than just a shop. Although it is a very successful shop. It seems to me to be the centre of a knitting community. There is nothing more special or important than people who are generous with their skills and knowledge. Because of this amazing community the skill and art of knitting will remain vibrant for years to come. They have really inspired me to push myself and my knitting ability and are always there when I falter to get me going again.

Oh and here is a gratuitous pic of little Mia.


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