DIY: Photobooth props

I think the idea of having a photobooth at a wedding is an American phenomenon but I think it’s a really cute idea. I don’t know how I’ll set it up at the venue, maybe we’ll just put the props and some disposable cameras on a table near a tree.

Photobooth PropsAs with anything wedding related you can buy some really cool props and I would direct anyone looking for this option to Etsy. However, I think it would be more fun to print out and create my own. I also plan to create some chalkboard speech bubbles and have chalk available so everyone can write messages on them. But that may be for another post.

You can find lots of downloadable templates, for example: CraftzeeRuffled BlogOh Happy Day and here and Living Locurto.

I used:

  • Card, printer, markers, glue, tape, kitchen chopping board as cutting board.
  • Black A3 5mm Foam Board
  • Ghiant HighTac Mounting Spray
  • Jakar Heavy Duty Hobby Knife
  • Bamboo sticks from a garden centre & secateurs for cutting

Photobooth PropsCathy from Crafty Alley was so helpful when I contacted her on Twitter, and she helped me pick out the right tools and sent them to me within 24 hours. Now that’s service!

Photobooth PropsI printed out my chosen templates and used the spray glue to mount them onto to foam board. Some of the colours didn’t print as vibrant as I would like them so I coloured them in with the markers. Then I carved around them using the craft knife. I carved them all over two days, and I say carved because my wrist, hand and lower arm were quite sore once I’d finsihed.

Photobooth PropsThis was one of those tutorials where I read “all you have to do is” and it doesn’t quite work like that. It was tougher than I though to cut around the shapes and then there little white bits of card showing against the black board. So I used a marker to go over the edges. Some of the curly mustaches also almost had me in tears trying to cut out the curly bits.

Photobooth PropsI wanted to get wooden skewers like you would use on a barbeque, but it’s the wrong time of year for that so I ended up getting bamboo sticks in the garden centre and chopping them up with a secateurs. I then used a strong glue to glue them to the back of the foam and then covered in black duct tape if there was room.

(Appologies for the terrible photos, but the light has been appalling recently!)


12 thoughts on “DIY: Photobooth props

  1. Jen, I take a deep breath to tell you….

    that these are flippin amazing! The princess Beatrice hat! I want a monocle! You may just have achieved something I never though possible, I now have a regret about our wedding, that I didn’t do this and also invent time travel so that I can “borrow” yours after you are finished with them 🙂 These are so good looking you’ll have to put a sign on them to explain that you made them yourself.

    • Wow, high praise indeed!! Although, when you look closely I think you can see that they are handmade. But then I’m having a very handmade wedding so they fit nicely. I hope people will “get” them and not think they’re silly, but I recon after a few drinks people will have fun with them…

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  3. I tried doing it myself and it was SO DIFFICULT. My cutting isn’t smooth and ends up breaking the foam board. Could you kindly please show me a closer look how your foam board looks like?

    • Hi Rory, I’ll take some closer up photos tomorrow when it’s bright out and post them. It wasn’t easy, but my advice would be to have a good surface under the foam board that you can really press into. A good sharp craft knife is also essential. I think also it’s best to try to cut in long strokes, even around corners. Some of mine are a bit messy too, but I’ll post close ups so you can see.

      • Thank you so much! that is so kind of you. You mentioned that you used a marker to go over the edges – brilliant!

        I was thinking of having it print on glossy paper instead so when there’s wet fingers from holding cold drinks, the color wouldn’t smear

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