FO: Genna cowl

Rossa and I took a sneaky trip to Antwerp back in May. We we’re actually going to get my engagement ring, but didn’t tell anyone. Antwerp is a lovey city, not as pretty as, say, Bruges, but nicer than Brussels. (We’ve been to both, Rossa is a total beer nerd so I could take about all the pubs we visited and beer we drank but I won’t.)

While we were there the Mode Museum were holding an exhibition called Unravel: Knitwear in Fashion. It was a really good exhibition and I even managed to take a few snaps. It was great I have to say to be able to indulge my hobby while there, as sometimes I feel like our trips are hijacked by the pubs we *have* to go to and beer we *have* to try. Even in Antwerp (where we were getting an engagement ring remember) Rossa had a list of pubs and beers to check out. I’m not entirely complaining, but it was nice for things to be a little bit balanced.

We also visited Jilija’s which is just such a gorgeous shop. I gathered that most of the yarns are La Droguerie, but she did have some other brands. She also had buttons and fabrics. As always happens me I felt a little overwhelmed, but came away with a skien of chunky baby alpaca, one of kid mohiar and some pure wool.

The baby alpaca and kid mohair both became cowls. I saw this photo on Pinterest and knew I wanted to make something similar with my mohair. For my Genna cowl [ravelry link] I cast on 110 stitches using 8mm needles, knit four rounds of 1×1 ribbing, then a round of k2tog/yo and five rounds of stocking stitch. I kept going until I felt I was going to run out of yarn, then four more rounds of 1×1 ribbing. Only problem is that I cast off really tightly, even though I went up to 10mm needles for the cast off. But I think it’s still lovely.

Knitted Mohair Cowl


4 thoughts on “FO: Genna cowl

  1. I sympathise with the enforced beer drink/pub visiting on holidays, Belgium is especially dangerous! If you go back to Brussels check out the Fashion Museum just of the main square, it’s fantastic.

  2. What a gorgeous model in your FO pic! I hope you weren’t bankrupted by her fees. (It’s Mia, right, and not Ollie?!) Anyway I’m so jealous of the museum exhibit, it looks like it was amazing to visit.

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