FO: A cowl for Rossa

Rossa requested a cowl to wear to rugby matches and who am I to refuse? I had already knit two Marian cowls by Jane Richmond and he thought this might be nice. I knit the first two in Debbie Bliss Como but decided for this incarnation to try the new Debbie Bliss Paloma, which is a mix of baby alpaca and merino wool. I.e. very warm and soft.

Knitted Alpaca cowlI’m in the middle of a love affair with alpaca at the moment so I really wanted to try this new yarn. The construction is a little odd and reminds me of shoe laces, but worked very well for this project.

Knitted Alpaca cowlI started with 12mm needles, as I had used with the Como cowls, but switched to 10mm after a few rounds. This is a nice, mindless knit, although still took me about two weeks to finish. All in all a good result.


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