DIY: Map quest

My best friend and her husband (still sounds strange that we’re not 17 and heading out to Club Sarah, she has a husband and I have a husband to be) celebrated their first wedding anniversary recently. They really love travelling and have been pretty much all over the world. I had spotted these framed heart maps on Pinterest a while back and knew I wanted to make one for them as a gift.

Map heart frameWhen I was in Ikea a month or so ago I picked up a Ribba photo frame. I was going to just print maps from Google Maps, but then Rossa suggested using an atlas for better quality, which I picked up in a shop in Rathmines. It feels so wrong to cut up a book, I’m still having palpitations at the thought of it, but in this case I feel it’s justified. And I promise to recycle what I don’t use or keep it to make more similar gifts.

I used:

  • Scissors, spray glue, pencil
  • Maps (old maps, old atlases or even printed from online maps)
  • A heart shape to trace around, I used a heart shaped ramekin we happened to have
  • A photo frame
  • Backing card big enough to fit your frame

Map heart frameI asked my friend to name some places she and her husband have happy memories of. These included Hong Kong, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand and Australia. It took some time to pin her down to give me 9 places they had been without explaining to her what I was up to.

Map heart frameOnce I had my 9 places, I traced around the heart shaped ramekin and cut out the shapes. Then I decided what order I wanted them in, sprayed the back of them with glue and glued them onto the backing card. I divided the card into a 3×3 grid (although didn’t mark the paper) and placed each heart into one section of the grid. I did this pretty much freehand, and while they’re not perfect, they’re good enough for me.

Map heart frameI need to give this as a gift later so had to photograph it under artificial light. I would love to have the time to photograph it in all its glory properly, as it’s quite visually impressive, with the green, blue and white. But this will have to do.


3 thoughts on “DIY: Map quest

  1. I’ve a real soft spot for maps ( despite note being able to read them!) so I love this idea – such a thoughtful gift. I know what you mean about cutting up a book – it feels like sacrilege, but in this instance it was definitely worth it : )

  2. I have the same problem with cutting up a book! Hence why I have been putting off making my own map project…but I keep pinning them in the hopes I will get over my fear 🙂 Where did you get the paper you used for the backing? I was thinking of using poster board but wasn’t sure it would look the way I wanted it to.

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