A photography crush

Today I am going to tell you about a photographer that I admire. I discovered her work through Ravelry when I clicked through to her blog. I was blown away. In fact I even sent her a rather embarrassed message on Ravelry telling her how much I loved her photos.

Julie showcases her work at halfadreamaway and has a way with light that I will forever be in awe of. When she offered to shoot our wedding I nearly bit her hand off. We went to Masseys Wood in the Dublin Mountains last weekend to take some photos of us and the dogs as well as some photos of the shawl I knitted for the wedding.

If you’re looking for something to do of a weekend I highly recommend a trip to the Dublin Mountains. So close by, so beautiful and so forgotten about by many. Masseys Wood is also quite flat compared to some of the walks which is why I particularly like it.

Anyway, without further ado here are the *beautiful* photos of my Ballybeg shawl. They really need no blurb, they speak for themselves.


Ballybeg shawl



See what I mean about the light? So go take a look at Julie’s fantabulos blog, where Ollie and Mia have even featured. Go now. Right now. Off you go. But come back then please.


3 thoughts on “A photography crush

  1. Hi Jenny, wow, your wedding shawl is spectacular, you are going to be fabulous on your big day, I love the way that you used some of the shawl yarn in the buttonholes as well, it really ties the whole thing together.

    I started to *squeal* in delight when I read you were in Massey’s Estate, I spent a huge chunk of my childhood wandering around the broken walled gardens, woods and up at the Hell Fire Club (you could see my house from there if you had binoculars). I haven’t been back in here’s but you brought back a whole lot of memories for me and I’m definitely going to put a visit back on my ‘must do’ list. It’s a really atmospheric place, so beautiful in Spring.

    Good luck with all your wedding plans and I hope you have a day to remember and treasure xxx

  2. I love it there too. We got some really beautiful photos, the place is so beautiful we just kept stopping. I love going for walks there and the dogs love the smells so it’s win/win. I spent a lot of my childhood too in the Dublin mountains. I love that the countryside and city are both so close.

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