In Love With Stationary

I have been in love with stationary ever since I was five years old and had a fancy paper collection (own up, I know I wasn’t the only one who collected fancy paper).

Stationary was definitely one aspect of the wedding that I felt I could DIYify. However, an amazing friend of mine is studying graphic design at the moment and offered to design our stationary as a wedding gift. What an amazingly generous gift!?!?

She took our lavender theme and took it to a new level. I kept an inspiration board on Pinterest if you are interested. I wanted a rustic feel throughout the wedding and love brown paper so she used this for the background of the invitation and the information booklet. Because Ballybeg House isn’t a hotel we needed to provide extra information about local B&Bs, taxis and directions so this inspired out information booklet.

Wedding invitation with information booklet, brown paper lavender tied up with string


As well as our wedding invitation Y designed our ceremony booklet. Because we had a civil ceremony we only included a basic outline of the ceremony as well as the names of the wedding party. I had spotted a tie the knot idea on Pinterest and used the twine that we used throughout the day to create the knots.

Tie the knot ceremony booklet


Tie the knot ceremony booklet


For our guest book we used a thumbprint tree, where by our guests would leaf a thumbprint and sign the name. This will (eventually) go on the wall at home as a piece of art and a reminder of our amazing day. The basic template came from One Fab Day. For the ink pads we used VersaMagic from Dewdrop in eggplant and sage.

Thumbprint guest book


The inspiration for our table numbers again came from Pinterest and a conversation  with our parents about old photographs of us. We used ten different themes, newborn, first communion, first day of school, with friends, and took a photo of each of us based on these themes. I think they worked really well.

Wedding table numbers



6 thoughts on “In Love With Stationary

  1. Wow, I love the theme and the colors!!!
    (We’ll also have some lavender and brown at our wedding!!)
    You manage it veeeery good 🙂 I love it!!
    And is it wood on the table too? (behind the green plant)

  2. Squeee, I had a fancy paper collection too, that I was humongously proud of, but it was stolen in second class (you know who you are, you thieving villains) so I never managed to build it back up again as marbles took over! All your beautiful and personal little touches at your wedding look fabulous and it really does look like you had a day you & all your guests will remember forever 🙂

  3. I love stationary too! My sister and I used to collect fancy paper – I wish I knew where it all went!

    Your wedding looks like it was a really artistic and personal event. It’s clear how much work you put in! 🙂

  4. I had a fancy paper collection too! How I obsessed over smelly paper 🙂 no idea where it is now, or when it got recycled!

    The more I read about your wedding the more I love it! You had so many beautiful yet simple touches. Will we get to see any more? Waiting impatiently for the next blog post.

  5. Hello!
    I came across your blog while doing a search involving my wedding which will be next year in July 2013. I am loving all of your DIYs and I am also having my wedding at Ballybeg and was curious to know if you’d be willing to correspond through e-mail with me about your experiences?

    Thank you so much and please let me know if you’re interested!

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