Week 5: Heart Breakers

My girls are going back to the shelter in the morning. Oh crap, here come the tears already. And they really are heart breakers. Look at their little faces, so full of love and fun. They are going to make amazing pets for the right family.

And I am going to miss them like crazy.

This is a short post because it’s just too hard. But they needed someone to look after them and we stepped up to the plate. We’ve watched them grow from weak four week old babies into boisterous, strong, fun and beautiful nine week old puppies. They’ve spent more than half their lives with us. The transformation has been really amazing, these girls are such a joy to have around. Even if I’m the only one in the house who thinks so. Mia has been very stressed at having them here, so I hope she won’t gloat too much tomorrow.

These heart breakers will be available for adoption through the DSPCA, subject to a suitability assessment, home check and adoption fee.


2 thoughts on “Week 5: Heart Breakers

  1. I’ve been following this blog as I fostered a collie pup for the DSPCA around the same time as you had Katie and Taylor. Adele was 3 weeks when I took her and I have just given her back this morning at 9 weeks. I know what you mean about the tears!! Just looking around the house at her dish and teddy and bed is making me sob – like a death in the family. Sounds dreadful but there is a sense of loss. Like Mia, my 2 dogs are happy to see her go!!

    • Aw Yvonne, it is very hard to say goodbye. It really is. But think of the amazing holiday you gave Adele. She needed someone to give her some TLC, time to grow and learn and you were that person. You gave her an incredible gift, I volunteer at reception with the foster coordinator, so I know how precious fosterers are to the DSPCA and the amazing job that they do. And maybe you’ll be able to give that gift of time and love to another puppy in need in the future. The adoption team will find her an amazing home where she will be loved and adored and part of the family that she deserves. It’s a small consolation. Katie and Taylor are back with me for a few more days, but I know for sure I won’t miss the constant cleaning 😉

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