Shaelyn Shawl

This shawl was knit with 4.5mm needles (well one 4.5mm needle, see below) and Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk yarn. The pattern is Shaelyn by Leila Raabe.
Shaelyn shawl knitting laceI had several false starts knitting this shawl, but I learned a lot and the finished shawl is stunning. This is thanks to the delicious yarn. Alpaca silk is absolutely yummy, I loves it. I mean, it’s alpaca blended with silk, what’s not to like. I’ve become a bit obsessed with navy recently (finally over wearing a navy uniform in primary school) and the finished shawl has the most beautiful sheen and is so silky soft. I’ll wear this as a scarf with the point to the front. Must try and get a photo of that. I was very put off by the idea of shawls until I realised I didn’t have to wear them over my shoulders, but instead more like a scarf.

Shaelyn shawl knitting laceHowever, it was not without it’s problems. I started with 5.5mm needles, then switched to 5mm after the beginning chart as I wasn’t happy with the tension. Then switched again to 4.5mm as I still wasn’t happy. This was my first fudge, because I just switched needle size without starting again.

My second fudge was slipping the first stitch knitwise, until I realised this wasn’t giving the smooth edge that I was looking for. The first two stitches are knit on both the wrong and the right side. For some reason that I cannot figure out in my brain, I need to be slipping purlwise to get the smooth edge. Again I didn’t rip, just kept going, now slipping purlwise.

Then as I approached the second lace repeat I miscalculated how many stitches I needed on my needles and knit two rows too many (there are 4 increases on each right side row). I could fudge this too, but then one of my stockinette stripes would be longer than the rest.

Individually I could live with these fudges, but all together they were getting to me and I decided to rip back and start again. Even though I hate ripping back and avoid it at all cost.

Oh and then, just as I was about to do the final lace chart I realised I was using one 5mm needle and one 4.5mm needle. D’oh.


9 thoughts on “Shaelyn Shawl

  1. Oh you’ll be so glad of that when it’s chilly 🙂 I’ve been eyeing up that pattern for a long time, and it’s beautiful in that yarn. And it was worth the pain, I hope!

  2. I’ve started and stopped this pattern more than once but I do love the design. If I decide to cast on again, I’ll be sure to review your notes! Enjoy your new beautiful shawl/scarf!

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  4. This is so very pretty! I took a class locally hoping to learn to make this and now I am finding I am no better off than before the class. I want to make it so, I will try again after the holidays!

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