A Yarny Hangover

Wow what a weekend. First up we had the Yarn Tasting at This Is Knit, my local yarn shop. This was their fourth yarn tasting and my third. A yarn tasting is a really cool event where we get to ‘taste’ all the new yarns in the shop.

Yarn Tasting SamplesOn the way in we were given a goody bag with a yarn key explaining the brand and name of each yarn, as well as the category, fibre composition, recommended needle size, ball weight, length and price. All very useful information. The evening was divided into three sections, first up the laceweight and 4plys, next up was the sport weight and double knits and finally aran weight and bulky yarns.

Little bags of yarny heaven. These samples are great for trying out the yarns before committing to buy anything, for knitting small swatches or just have a play with the new yarn lines. Or how about knitting some toys for the cats and kitttens at the DSPCA for Pawsitive Knits!!!

We also had a talk from Carol Feller aka Stolen Stitches and Ysolda Teague. Then it was back to the shop for nibbles, trying on samples and even more yarn.

On Saturday Ysolda was teaching a class on knitting ‘The Perfect Sweater’. I have yet to knit myself a jumper or cardigan. It’s the fear really, all that time and money and then what if you ended up with something you didn’t like or didn’t fit. So this seemed like a great class for me to take. And it was indeed great. I really, really enjoyed the day and learned so much.

Ysolda explained the different properties of different yarns and fibers and the pros and cons of each in terms of knitting a garment.  Aparently, superwash tends to grow quite a bit and therefore it’s not always the best option for a jumper.

Knitting swatchThen we talked about importance of swatching and swatching properly. This means knitting a 6×6 inch swatch, washing it, laying it out to dry AND then hanging it with a few pegs along the bottom to weight it a bit. This means you can measure how a yarn is going to behave with wear. Genius.

After lunch we talked about measuring yourself and how this combines with ‘ease’ to help choose the right size to knit. And lastly we looked at shaping and how to work with the pattern to add bust or waste shaping.

I actually feel confident enough to knit a cardigan for myself now and have chosen Carol Feller’s Ravi and am currently swatching with MillaMia (above, but not quite so PINK in person). And I’ll have Ysolda’s book Little Red In The City beside me if I need to reference it for extra help. I have a few more projects in my queue before I get to cast on for Ravi but I’m excited to be able to knit something like this for myself.


One thought on “A Yarny Hangover

  1. What a great weekend you had and time well spent. I love the idea of a yarn tasting … might try to convince my LYS to host one! I would have loved to be in the class you took with Ysolda. I’m challenging myself to knit my winter wardrobe and have completed two pullovers so far — not too bad but I could definitely use better advice on sizing! Good luck with your Ravi.

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