One of my favourite recent projects was a hot water bottle cover knit for a friend’s birthday. Now that I’ve given her the present I can tell you all about it.

The pattern is Toasty Hot Water Bottle Cosy and I used Debbie Bliss Paloma and 6mm needles for a really dense fabric that is really cosy. I love knitting with alpaca because it is just so soft. Mmm alpaca (say that in a Homer Simpson voice and you’ll get it). I just hope it won’t stretch too much out of shape.

You start with double pointed needles for the ribbing at the top and then switch to a circular needle when there are too many stitches. The increases are really cleverly disguised. I was worried about getting the hot water bottle in and out of the neck, but if you fold it in half when empty it fits no problem. The cables give the fabric and even denser feel. So, so cosy. Then you finish with a few rounds of moss stitch before doing a three needle bind off.

I really loved knitting this and am so tempted to make another one for myself. I was pretty confident my friend would like it because, like me, she loves being snuggly and warm and cosy during the winter. And she did love it. Happy Birthday Yvonne.


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