Handmade Christmas – Decorations

(c) Jewelandarlin.comIt’s nearly December, which means it’s nearly time to start thinking about Christmas. I’m back in college this year which means two things. First, I have very little disposable income. And second, I’ll have a few weeks off before Christmas so I’ll have time to get crafty.

I’ve been pinning some ideas for the last few months and my plan is to create some special handmade Christmas ornaments to give as gifts. So (in no particular order) here’s what have collected so far. Last year I knit the Christmas Bell above and it has inspired me to try some more ornaments this year. Thanks to Jewelan’darlin’ for letting me use her photo.

How cute is this inuk and baby seal from Fuzzy Mitten. I think these will look amazing on the tree and I would think they’d take about an hour each. You can find the free pattern on Fuzzy Mitten’s Blog.

I found some really cute patterns on Ravelry too. I found this free pattern for a knitted acorn, a gorgeous yarn basket ornamentStjärna a knitted star that looks really pretty, Mochimochi Snowmen although this isn’t a free pattern.

I love burlap and all things a bit rustic so I really love the look of this burlap Christmas ornament. The same blogger also has a great mini felt stocking tutorial.

I also found this lovely ornament with beads and ribbon, I think it would be really easy to make with some lovely beads, ribbon and wire. And I think I may just have something suitable in my stash…

If you have any other favourites, please let me know in the comments.

The nights were dark

Ok, so you know I’m the crazy dog lady. And you may think I’ve finally lost my mind with this little trick. But believe me it works for me.

Jogger's arm bands for walking dogs in the darkThe evenings have gotten dark but the dogs still need to be walked. And Ollie in particular loves to go for a run in our local park off leash. The problem is that I can’t see him in the dark and cyclists, joggers, walkers and potentially drivers can’t see him either.

We tried getting him a little high viz jacket to wear, but unless there is light shining on it you couldn’t see him. We tried getting a small light to attach to his collar but it wasn’t bright enough.

Jogger's arm bands for walking dogs in the darkMy husband was in Lidl on day, where they were selling arm bands for joggers with flashing lights and a high viz background. Perfect! Now we put them around the dog’s necks over their collars and we (and everyone else) can see them when we got for a walk in the dark.