Knitmas (3)Yes, all caps, IT’S KNITMAS!!!! A group of Irish based (and ex-pat) knitters on Twitter get together every year for a Knitmas kris kindle type gift exchange. And I got spoiled rotten by my elf, I was so overwhelmed by her generosity it brought tears to my eyes.

Knitmas (14)I had said on Elfster that I would really love some handknit socks, but that I really didn’t expect to get them. I get so cold in winter and haven’t learned how to knit socks yet. Not only did my elf Catherine knit me a pair of socks, in my favourite colour, but she knit me a pair of matching mittens. How fabulous are these socks? Catherine also included patterns for male and female socks so I can learn to knit my own too.

Knitmas (12)Catherine also included a gorgeous pink scarf, the most stunning berry coloured Cushendale yarn, as well as a kit for a really cute tea cosy, chocolate (which is already half nommed), a fab clasp and a phone cover that my phone is now snuggled into. The card was handmade by one of her knitting group, how special is that, with a picture of her knitting circle host’s dog on the front. I squealed when I saw it. Thanks you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for such amazing and thoughtful gifts, I love them all.


4 thoughts on “IT’S KNITMAS

  1. I have been following your blog and I’m just back from the same knitting circle as Catherine, she was telling us that her elf got her package of goodies. We saw the socks being made and aren’t the mittens really cute?
    Minnie [the dog] will be delighted to have made your blog.

    Hope your getting lots of little knits for Pawsitive Knits. This is such a great thing to do. Now that I’m finished the Innocent Hats, I must do some for you.

    You should check out a friends blog, Doggedly in Rome, By Murphy. She is a Nun [don’t be put off], and her dog has his own blog and Facebook page. Entertaining reading and a little off the wall.

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