French Vanilla Coffee?

I love Pinterest, I’ve lost many hours pinning and re-pinning nice photos, crafty ideas, recipes and planning a wedding last year. If you’re familiar with the website you’ll have seen the pins that declare “The best homemade chocolate spread ever”, “The ultimate cleaning detergent”, “The tastiest cookie dough”. I often wonder who declared these superlatives and if they have ever been tested?

Vanilla Coffee CandlesThen this morning I spotted a pin that declared “Place vanilla scented tea lights in a bowl of coffee beans. The warmth of the candles will heat up the coffee beans and make your house smell like french vanilla coffee.” Doesn’t that just sounds divine? But also a tad implausible.

I just happen to have vanilla scented tea lights purchased in Dunnes and coffee beans in the fridge. The coffee beans have been there for a while because I’m not mad on the taste of these particular beans, so they’re probably a bit stale. But sure we’ll give it a go anyway.

Vanilla Coffee CandleI filled two ramekins with the coffee beans and snuggled the tea lights into the beans. They’ve been lighting for a few hours now and the smell, while nice, is a bit underwhelming. I can definitely smell the vanilla but can only kind of smell the coffee. It would seem that the premise that the heat activates the scent doesn’t hold, but they are so pretty and would make a lovely centrepiece so not a total fail.


Let me know what you think

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