A quick update on 80s Pop

As I expected would happen when the new semester started back, I don’t have much time to knit. But I do try to take some time in the evenings for me. Just to relax and unwind before going to bed.

Progress 016So progress on my Colour Affection (which I’m calling 80s Pop, that’s the name the colours told me) has been slow enough. I’m on the second section and have about 4 more repeats or 8 stripes to go before I add in the pink colour and start the short rows. I am so in love with these colours together, I can’t wait to add in the pink to see how it transforms the combination again.

Progress 013I’m slipping the edge stitches purlwise to give a nice neat edge but because I’m such a tight knitter naturally, I have to make a special effort to make sure I leave these stitches nice and loose, particularly on the edge where I’m carrying the yarns up the side.

Right back to the books. No rest for the wicked.


5 thoughts on “A quick update on 80s Pop

    • I’m really honoured that you chose me for the award and I’ve read your blog post about it. Unfortunately I’m in the middle of my college semester so I won’t have time to participate. But thanks again, it’s lovely to know you enjoy reading my blog.

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