Happy Valentines Day everyone

Heart (5)Happy Valentines Day everyone. To be honest I’m a bit over Valentines Day. All that enforced romanticism? I’d much rather do little romantic things for my hubby every day. I think that’s more important.

And what is romantic anyway? Yes, the grand gestures are romantic, and they are certainly appreciated and treasured. But to me romantic comes in many different forms. Like refilling my wine glass on a Saturday night so I don’t have to put my knitting down. Like knowing I’ve had a busy day and making sure the dogs are walked so I can relaxed for the evening.Like bringing me coffee in bed. Like a wonderful bear hug for no reason. Like just being a wonderful person. These things are romantic, little ways of showing the one you love just how much they mean to you. So although we exchanged small gifts and cards today the everyday romantic gestures mean just as much even more to me.


3 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day everyone

  1. Yay! I concur. It’s a million times better to spend the day being appreciative of all the little things that expecting some forced gesture that takes the fun out of it!

  2. I couldn’t have said this any better! Oh, and the coffee in bed thing? Every morning I get mine from my hubby, and I don’t take it for granted one bit.

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