Knit then Crochet

I’ve finished (but not blogged, she needs a proper photo shoot) my Colour Affection shawl and have already been wearing it with pride. After each big project I often look for a few smaller projects before launching into something big again. I was browsing Etsy, as you do, and spotted a gorgeous knitted necklace and inspiration struck. This was the perfect project that would be super quick and would use up some of the leftovers I have in my stash.

Neckace 013The necklace was pretty straightforward to make. The mustard necklace is some Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran I had left over from the Leopard Bootcuffs. I knitted about 80cm of icord (which just happens to the length of the arm of my couch where I knit) using two 5mm DPNS. I created a loop on either end by folding the icord over and wrapping the tail around to secure the loop. Using a tapestry needle I buried the ends inside the icord.

Neckace 014Next I made a loop at one end, just inside where I had tied off the first loop (although I didn’t tie this one off). Then I used my fingers to essentially chain a few stitches. I got six stitches in this necklace. I then slid the end of the icord through the final chain stitch. I had to play around with the tension a bit until I was happy, but once I was happy with the final chain I used a tapestry needle and some yarn to stitch the first and last stitches to the icord to hold them in place. Again I buried the ends in the icord.

Neckace 037To finish off the necklace I simply platted three very long strands of yarn and and used a Chinese Sliding knot so that the length of the necklace can be adjusted. I’m so happy with the result. I think these will make lovely presents too and can be tailored to the recipients’ favourite colour. The purple one will be winging its way to London next week.


4 thoughts on “Knit then Crochet

  1. Gorgeous! Will deffo try this out and the Chinese sliding knot which I never knew was called that! Well done, I was in This is Knit last Saturday and saw the colour affection shawl on the wall, looked great! I agree about needing small things after a big project – I’m doing Carol Feller’s Bundoran beret after frogging the first too-small attempt!

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