A pop of colour on a dark day

I had hoped to take some better photos of my Colour Affection but the weather has been conspiring against me. The last week or so has been very grey and damp. We even had some snow today, although it didn’t stick. But this all means I haven’t had a chance to do a proper photo shoot of my new shawl. So here you go. I’m so happy with how the colours turned out. Really bright and like a big smile or a big hug on a grey day.

Colour color affection knitting yarnThere has been great debate about the edge of this shawl and many knitters have added a YO at the beginning of each row, dropping the YO on the next row. I tried this but wasn’t happy with the result so I ripped back and started again. I’m a tight knitter but still wanted a curved edge so I switched the M1R and M1L for KFBs and made a special effort to leave the edges loose and I’m happy with the final result.

Those last few rows were epic. The cast off took an entire evening. And I’ll be honest and say that when she came off the needles she was a bit limp and initially I was disappointed. The shawl was a bit – limp. But after a good blocking I was delighted with the result. I used blocking wires but This Is Knit posted a great blocking suggestion on their blog. I think I’ll block it again to get a better edge. Right now we have a foster puppy so I’ll have to wait until he’s gone.

So final yarn amounts:

  • Colour 1: Malabrigo in Eggplant: 53g/213m
  • Colour 2: Malabrigo in Lettuce: 44g/177m
  • Colour 3: Millamia in Fuchsia: 50g/250m


14 thoughts on “A pop of colour on a dark day

  1. Eep! Bright colors! I love your shawl. I’d been thinking about doing this pattern, but hadn’t figured out what colors I would want to use. Yours definitely inspires me! I may have to steal your colours.

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