So busy…

I have 4 weeks of lectures left in my Masters and I am literally up to my eyes. As the Dowager Countess of Grantham so succinctly put it “What is a weekend?“.

I have finished a shawl and am half way through another, but haven’t gotten around to blocking or photographing either yet. Soon, maybe.

Dexter 8 week old Jack Russell foster puppy

But I do have a foster puppy called Dexter at the moment. Isn’t he a cutie? Dexter is an 8 week old Jack Russell puppy. His mum was tragically found dead and the kind members of the public who went to check to see whether she was dead or just injured found a 5 week old Dexter beside her. Mum wasn’t so lucky unfortunately, but now little Dexter is thriving.

He’s been with us for three weeks and is great fun to have around. He’s the perfect antidote to all the assignments I have stacked up at the moment. He’s getting his first vaccinations on Thursday will be ready to find his  forever home a few weeks after that. He’s been no trouble at all – he’s so tiny, and although not house trained, when he does go to the toilet it’s pretty tiny too. He’s got the softest coat and has quite long hair, not like most Jack Russells I know so he might be crossed with something else.

Ok, enough puppy talk from me and back to work…


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