A walk in Kilmacurragh

My mum and I took the dogs for a walk in Kilmacurragh, Co. Wicklow over the weekend. I brought my camera along because my mum had promised me beautiful flowers. And she wasn’t wrong. Kilmacurragh is known for it’s rhododendrons, which are in full bloom at the moment. This post is going to be heaving on images, but I hope they will be worth it.

Kilmacurragh 146Everywhere I looked I saw something else I wanted to photograph. Bluebells are one of my favourite flowers, there’s just something magical about them, something that reminds me of fairies. There were bluebells in abundance to photograph, but this is my favourite bluebell shot of the day.

Kilmacurragh 109Kilmacurragh is know for its rhododendron and parts of the garden were carpeted in pink. It was just so beautiful.

Kilmacurragh 115Ollie and Mia were a bit impatient with all this stopping and starting but I think they enjoyed the morning in the end. We even stopped for a little cuddle.

Kilmacurragh 185This beautiful yellow flower is also a rhododendron, it’s called luteum. I think we counted around seven or eight different types of rhododendron.

Kilmacurragh 176As well as rhododenrons in an array of different colours, there were other beautiful flowers as well. I tried to take photos of the name tags that accompany each tree or flower so I would be able to find the names of all the flowers I photographed, but I seem to have missed the name of these tiny blue flowers, so if anyone recognises them please let me know.

Kilmacurragh 192

If you’re into gardening or flowers it’s a must visit. And even if you’re just looking for somewhere nice to spend an afternoon I highly recommend it.



3 thoughts on “A walk in Kilmacurragh

  1. oh – I’ve only been there once before and it was in February so there was no colour at all, but it looks like it’s absolutely bursting with flowers now!

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