Shaelyn Take 2

I had quite a bit of yarn left over from my Colour Affection and wanted to find a way to use them up. I have knit Shaelyn before and really enjoyed the pattern. When I was looking for options for my leftover Malabrigo Sock in Lettuce and Eggplant it dawned on me that this pattern lent itself perfectly to stripes. I’ve have all the details up on Ravelry too.

Shaelyn (2)I had more lettuce than eggplant left so I knit rows 1(22) to 10 in lettuce and 11 to 21 in eggplant. So this means that the lettuce stripe goes from the garter ridge, through the lace section and the second garter ridge before switching back to the eggplant for the stockinette stripe. I ran out of green before I could finish the final lace section so it’s a few rows shorter than the others.

Shaelyn (1)

Starting with eggplant there are 7 eggplant stripes and 6.5 lettuce stripes. I started with 56g of lettuce and 47g of eggplant and finished with less than a gram of lettuce and 9g of eggplant.

Shaelyn (3)The colours immediately told me that this shawl was destined for a friend of mine who loaned me her graphic design skills at Christmas. I was so tempted to keep this because I just love the combination of colours and texture but my friend really seemed to appreciate the gift so it was worth giving it away.


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