Yet another shawl – Renita

Semester 2 shawls 050At the beginning of Semester 2 I decided I needed a fairly straight forward project that I could work on in the evenings when my brain shut down. After spending far too much time on the Ravelry pattern search I chose Renita which is  a “shawlette with a shallow triangle shape”. It’s knit side to side so each row only has a small amount of lace that I felt would keep me interested. Blocking really helped to open up the lace and finish the shawl.

Semester 2 shawls 040I used some of my beautiful Coolree yarn, Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere in Hokusai’s Wave. So yummy and soft and  a dream to knit with. The other thing I liked about this side to side shawl was that I could measure how much yarn I was using and when I had used a little left than half I started decreasing instead of increasing to make the most of the yarn I had.

Semester 2 shawls 060I also felt that the shape would be very wearable as a scarf, although now I’m not so sure. I’ve yet to actually wear this. It might be gifted at some point if I find the right person. The yarn is quite expensive so it seems a pity for it to sit unworn, but as a process knitter (rather than a product knitter) that only bothers me a bit. The yarn is so soft, almost too soft so the top rolls a bit despite the garter based lace border.

3 thoughts on “Yet another shawl – Renita

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