Live and learn

Clara dress 013I love this pattern but didn’t particularly enjoy knitting this dress. I had bought some acrylic yarn in Aldi to make some baby clothes as gifts. There were two (very good) reasons for this. One, I wanted to give gifts that could be put in the washing machine. And two, I didn’t want to spend a large amount of money on yarn for a gift that may not get used very much.

These reasons are still valid, but I won’t make that mistake again. The resulting dress is super cute – and practical but I didn’t enjoy the knitting process. You live and learn. I still have more of this yarn left but I think I’ll make some little cardigans with it, they’ll be quicker, which means less time with the yarn. In my head at least.


8 thoughts on “Live and learn

  1. I had the same experience recently – someone had given me a huge ball of acrylic and asked me to crochet a hat – that all worked fine but I decided to knit a cardigan in the same yarn and it is yuk…the knitting is fine I just really don’t like the look or texture. I think there are some nice acrylics out there – or acrylic mixes but I haven’t come across anything I like. Now I knit or crochet with cotton for baby gifts…washable and they feel nice!

    Love this pattern and the dress looks super cute!

  2. I knitted a pullover for my daughter from acrylic (Baby acrylic). It looked nice, but after few washes it lost the shape and covered all with small bubbles. So, the best way to wash knitwear from acrylic is to turn it inside-out and put in the washing bag.
    But your dress is very cute!

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