This morning my Capstone (group thesis) group had to present our project to a number of staff members from the department, as well as some external commentators. I’m so tired now I’m not sure if this post is evening going to make sense. We were running on so much adrenaline that now that I’ve relaxed I can barely keep my eyes open. The presentation itself went great and we had some good questions and feedback in the Q&A session. I actually feel excited about the project again. I think we had gotten so bogged down in the project it was hard to see the wood from the trees, so it was great to get an outside perspective.

And then I took the afternoon off.

Allotment (87)It’s been quite a while since I’ve taken a chunk of time off, I feel like I’m always tipping away at the project, there’s always something to be done.

Allotment (21)R has an allotment that I haven’t visited much because I’ve been so busy. He was heading there for the afternoon so I decided to join him and bring my camera and knitting along. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves as, to be honest, I’m too tired to type much more.

Here are some of the yummy produce…

Allotment (80)

… kohlrabi…

Allotment (111)… and loganberries…

Allotment (149)… some potatoes …

Allotment (90)… hops, weaving their way around a bench …

Allotment (93)… and my knitting in the sunshine. Bliss. A most delightful way to way to spend an afternoon I must say.


4 thoughts on “Allotmenting

  1. Looks lovely. We got quite into container gardening this year, loads of beans and romatoes. I think we’ll try berries next summer. Beautiful knitting too. What’s the pattern/yarn?

    • THanks J, the pattern is French Cancan and the yarn is Fyberspates. I cast it off last night and it’s currently soaking for blocking. I love to have fresh herbs in the garden, it makes everything tastier.

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