My Paris

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Paris is one of my favourite cities. I just love the style and the architecture, the food, the language, but mostly the vibe. I love wandering the streets, soaking it all in. Sipping coffee and nibbling at a croissant, watching the world go by. Paris has a rhythm all of it’s own and I have been hypnotised by it. This pattern was called French Cancan and it immediate reminded me of the elegance and style of Paris.

My Paris 003A couple of things drew me to this pattern. First, the beautiful photos provided by the designer caught my eye on Pinterest, I was drawn in by that beautiful cable.

It’s also the same shape as my Colour Affection that I wore so often before the weather got too warm. And finally because I’m working on a group thesis at the moment garter is about all I can manage at the moment.

My Paris 041The yarn is Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply which is closer to a Sport weight than Fingering weight. The merino is so soft and the silk gives it a lovely sheen. This shawl was calling out for a muted, more natural colour than I’ve knit with recently so I chose the colourway Water. I think it will fit nicely into my wardrobe as so many of my other shawls are quite bright. It’s filling a gap.

The love yarn, love the pattern, love the result.


6 thoughts on “My Paris

    • Thanks! I have a lot of bright shawls so I felt I needed something more neutral. The colourway is called Water and it really does remind me of water. I love Fyberspates yarns.

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