A Chevron Baby Blanet

At some point after I started knitting again I decided that I would knit a blanket for any close friends having a baby.  Having just found out that a very close friend is pregnant, I couldn’t resist browsing Ravelry for possible patterns.Chevron Blanket 002And of course, once I had found a pattern I had to cast on immediately. When I find a pattern I’m very excited about I have no patience. Chevron patterns are very popular at the moment, and it turns out it’s a very easy effect to create just using increases and decreases. So here is my Baby Baby Blanket.

Chevron Blanket 013As my friend won’t be finding out in advance whether she’s having a boy or a girl (and I don’t like the traditional pink/blue anyway) I decided to go for some really bright, but gender-neutral, colours. I also wanted something soft and machine washable so cotton was a perfect choice. I decided on Katia Mali as the colours are so vibrant, and it’s relatively cheap so didn’t break the bank. When knitting something as large as a blanket the cost can soon add up.

I chose two balls each of beige, bright blue, yellow, coral and one of green. I actually don’t like the green in the blanket, so I only used one ball of it. Each ball produced about 22 rows so each stripe is 22 rows long. I really love the result, although I’ll have to wait a few months to meet the recipient.

**This is my 99th post, eek. To celebrate my 100th post I’m having a knitty giveaway, so be sure to check back Saturday morning for details**


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