Crafters and Makers

I read a great blog post recently from Lorna at Knits for Life about her innovative yarn storage solution. You should really go and check it out, she mounted her stash on the wall so it functions as a piece of art as well as storage. It’s pretty fab.BottlesLorna said something else in her post that really got me thinking. She referred to ‘makers’ as “those people us crafters date and marry”. Bingo. This is something I have been mulling over for quite some time. In my circle of crafty friends there are several pairs of knitter and home-brewers. This seemed to be more than a coincidence but I couldn’t quite figure out the connection until I read the sentence above.

Crafters and makers are attracted to each other it seems. Myself and R both have a love of creating but do it in very different ways. R is very practical in his making and doesn’t have any emotional connection to the materials he uses. He’s much more practical. He’ll grab a drill, some nails and some wood and make something useful with it. Everything can be re-purposed and he can see potential in any piece of ‘junk’ (my word).

Whereas for me the process and the materials are just as important as the finished object. I love using beautiful materials, yarn, fabric, beads, wire, to create something even more beautiful. For me the process is as important as the final product. I love colour and texture and the aesthetic of the what I craft, Maybe crafters are makers with a bit of added creative flair. Or maybe that’s unfair.

Is this a pattern you recognise in your own life? Do you think crafters and makers are a good combination?

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