In Threes Take Two

Wow, I have really been neglecting my blog recently. I’m putting it down to having started an internship recently (more on that in a later blog post, if I get around to it). It’s also getting more wintery by the day here so trying to get daylight photographs is difficult, even on the weekends, gah.

In Threes Two 011But I’ve been knitting up a storm even if I haven’t been writing about my projects. At some point I’ll have three hats, a pair of mittens, another baby cardigan, a shawl that is destined to be ripped out any day now and some knitted jewellery to share with you. I also need a new notebook, but I want a pretty one so I’m working on an idea for that.

In Threes Two 013But today I have a baby cardie to share with you. This is the second time I’ve knitted this pattern and I’m still as much in love with it as the first version. There are no sleeves to be knitted, it’s top down and seamless and the button band is knitted as you go so once you’re finished, you’re finished. All I had to do was sew on these cute buttons and it’s ready to send off to the latest member of my extended family.

In Threes Two 015This is now officially my go-to pattern [In Threes by Kelly Herdrich], but I would love to know what baby pattern you find yourself knitting over and over again. Let me know in the comments!