Clue 2

Just a quick post today…

IrishArrowKAL 001I finished Clue 2 of the Follow Your Arrow KAL during the week. I chose to do the lace pattern (clue 2A) on top of the kite shape (clue 1A). I’m not sure yet how I feel about my shawl. It’s interesting, but I’m not sure I’m in love with it yet. I love knitting lace, and I love complicated, mind-bending lace. This was pretty simple for me I have to admit, even a bit boring. I decided against the short rows because (after sneaking a peak at the Spoiler thread on Ravelry) I didn’t really like the shape it created.

IrishArrowKAL 009What I do really love about the KAL is seeing how different all the shawls are turning out. I’m pleasantly surprised at how different each option is. I guess I wasn’t expecting that. Each option creates a completely different shape.

I’ve had the quickest look at Clue 3 this morning and both options are lace, which makes me excited. I’ll probably have  a sneak at the spoiler thread though before I decide which option I’m going with. It turns out I’m not as comfortable with the whole ‘mystery’ aspect as I thought I would be.


4 thoughts on “Clue 2

  1. I’ve discovered that I really don’t like mystery KALs since I seem to be waiting until everyone is completely finished their shawls until I even start mine.

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