A long time coming

Dear blog reader, sometimes the idea for a project pops into my head and I. Must. Make. It. Right. Now. However, this was not one of those projects. This one took a bit longer to come to fruition. It started with Pinterest, like many of these things do, specifically with the photo below, from Red Pepper Quilts. Instead of having my lovely knitted shawls sit unseen in a drawer, what if I created some kind of shawl display to show them off?

ShawlsSo I procured a piece of wood, sanded, stained and oiled it. I searched online for some rustic hooks, but kinda came up short (or what I was looking for was massively expensive). I finally found what I was looking for in Woodie’s of all places – 6 wrought iron (looking) hooks. But that was all last June. And the project had been sitting there for about 6 months, just waiting to be assembled. Over Easter weekend I had 4 days off in a row and the sunshine inspired me to get my ass in gear and get this finished.

Crafty Projects April14 011So I measured and remeasured and finally screwed the hooks in place. I then fixed some picture wire to the back and hunted for the perfect place in the house to display my shawls. I decided that they fit perfectly beside the front door. One, that’s a great place to keep your scarves for easy access when you’re running out the door and two, there were already hooks in place so I didn’t need to drill into the wall. Simples.

Crafty Projects April14 019And that’s not all I did over the Easter weekend. I painted our sheds using Cuprinol Garden Shades in lavender and stone. I know R was a bit unsure about the colours I had picked but admitted later that he couldn’t “see” it beforehand like I could. I love looking out the back window at these so much, they make me so happy.

Crafty Projects April14 056

R and I also restored an old bench we had. The wood was rotting so it was replaced and the new wood was stained and varnished. The existing wrought iron back and legs got a paint job in a lovely silver. We’re so happy with the results.Crafty Projects April14 059

Are there any seasonal projects you’ve been getting done with the finer weather we’ve been having?



6 thoughts on “A long time coming

  1. Agh! I love this idea to display your shawls! I have actually avoided making myself any more shawls because I know that for a large portion of the year they will just have to be stored and I can’t see them. This is a very useful idea!

    And I love your garden sheds! 😀

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