Souvenir yarn doesn’t count

A recent trip to London involved catching up with wonderful friends, much beer drinking, some cultural stuff and a visit to a yarn shop. My husband is obsessed into home brewing and craft beers and most holidays end up highjacked by involving *many* visits to craft beer pubs and breweries. In the last few years I’ve been able to balance this out with trips to yarn shops and more recently visits to important libraries. This is called revenge compromise.

wpid-20140711_145827.jpgThis meant that on our trip to London last month that I got to visit Loop in Islington with few no complaints. It’s a really lovely little shop split over two floors. It’s down a pedestrian alleyway and is surrounded by other lovely and quirky shops. I love a good potter, so I do.

wpid-20140711_151301.jpgI had a good look around before choosing my souvenir yarn. Souvenir yarn doesn’t count, you see. Don’t worry, I checked with the sales assistant and she agreed with me that it doesn’t count. I liked her. She talked me through all the local yarns and then left me to happily make my choices. (Sorry for the terrible photo, I only had my phone with me.)

Stitch markers 158As I’ve bought a lot of bright coloured yarns recently I wanted to choose some nice greys. I chose a skein of Islington by Kettle Yarn Co in a light silver called Light Squirelly. It’s called Islington and I was in Islington, you can’t get more local than that! My other purchase was a skein of Titus 4ply by Eden Cottage Yarns in a rich dark grey called Coal.

I don’t know what they’re going to grow up to be but for the moment I’m happy just knowing they’re mine. And souvenir yarn doesn’t count. Right?


7 thoughts on “Souvenir yarn doesn’t count

    • There were people knitting in corners upstairs and downstairs. I loved that everyone just said a friendly hello and then left me to browse to my heart’s content. So warm and inviting!

    • It’s good to hear other knitters agree with me that souvenir yarn doesn’t count. And if you’re ever in London I would highly recommend a trip to Loop.

  1. Souvenir yarn most definitely doesn’t count. It’s a rule, you know 🙂
    We have similar compromises involving military history and yarn shops. It means I got to see all sorts of random little French yarn shops in our years on the continent.
    Bizarrely, it’s happening the opposite way around at the end of the month. I’m dragging them all down to Napier for knitting – and he will be “rewarded” by being able to visit various military stuff on the way.
    We were made for each other really 😉

    • That’s how I feel J. Isn’t that what marriage/partnership is all about? Making these compromises for each other and being happy just seeing the other person happy.

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