Beyond In Threes

Beyond Puerperium by Kelly BrookerThis week I’ve been trying out a new baby pattern, Beyond Puerperium by Kelly Brooker. I’ve knitted several In Threes by Kelly Herdrich for various babies. But I waiting until this baby was born, and being a boy, I decided that In Threes was perhaps too ‘girly’. I hate this concept of ‘boyish’ and ‘girly’, I know that men and women are different, but the differences are not binary, not blue and pink, the differences are on a spectrum.

Knitting 195Anyway, for this little boy I decided on Beyond Puerperium. What I love about this pattern is that instructions are given for a number of yarn weights in a number of sizes. I found some superwash DK in my stash in purple and green. It knit up really quickly and is super cute. I don’t know very much about babies, but I’ve been told that the buttons down the side make it easier to dress the baby, rather than having to pull a jumper down over their heads.

Knitting 211There are a few things I’ll do differently next time (and there will be a next time). The first is the buttons. I don’t know if I placed them too far apart, but the buttons along the yoke are pulling a bit. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this I would love to know in the comments. Do I need to place the buttonholes closer together? Or do I need sew the buttons farther from the edge of the fabric?

Knitting 206The second thing that I would do differently is that I would knit the button band in the same colour as the cuffs, rather than having a striped button band. By slipping the stitches you get a really neat edge, but the colours kind of bleed a bit on the stripes. This isn’t a big deal, but I think it would be neater if it was a solid colour.


7 thoughts on “Beyond In Threes

    • Thanks. Seeing as I went for brightly coloured yarn, I wanted neutral buttons. I got the buttons at the Knitting and Stitching show a few years ago, so I must keep an eye out for more this year.

  1. Jenny this is stunning!! I love the colour combination of the purple and the green. You mentioned about technqiues for stopping the buttons pulling. I would suggest trying grossgrain tape down the inside of the buttonband and then use press poppers – parents would love this as it would be faster to take on and off. Then add the buttons as normal to the outside for decoration. Kate Davies does this a lot for her cardigans. and the grossgrain tape inside is a very decorative touch.

    • Oh excellent idea! Someone on twitter had suggested using grossgrain tape for my adult cardigan for the button band. And I like the idea of the snaps for baby cardigans too. Does that mean you wouldn’t do the yo/k2tog combo for button holes?

      • Yes thats right! and the bonus is that you wouldn’t have to decide on boy buttonband or girl buttonband in advance 🙂 I’m doing this for my kate davies deco cardigan – when its finished. And now you’ve given me another idea for a blog post lol thanks!

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