Happy Hallowe’en

Ok, so the title of this post is a bit premature. But when it comes to knitting for a particular occasion it pays to be organised in advance. I’ve seen a lot of Hallowe’en patterns popping up on Ravelry and Pinterest recently so I thought I would show you some of my favourites. I’ve just cast on the pumpkin pattern below and I can already see it sitting on my desk in work.

Spice & Clove Knit and Crochet PumpkinsSo to pumpkins, my first pattern pick is the Spice & Clove Knit and Crochet pumpkins. This is a free pattern (bonus!) and comes with a knitted and a crocheted version (double bonus!). I found the perfect orange yarn last weekend at HandmAid so one of these will soon be adorning my desk.

Leaf Vine Decoration (trim only) by Rachel Le GrandSpeaking of pumpkins, I love everything about the above picture. The pattern itself is more of a mod for Saartje’s Bootees [pdf], but who cares. As well as the booties the picture, you can see the Berry Baby Hat by Michele Sabatier and the Curly Purly Pumpkin by Marnie Ann Joyce. It almost makes me wish I had a tiny person to dress up for Hallowe’en.

Little Witches by Julie HunterLittle Witches. Little witches!!! Enough said really. You could use any bits of leftover yarn for this pattern, so they are the perfect stash busters.

Tiny Ghost by Anna HrachovecThe next two patterns are by designer Anna Hrachovec, who designs the cutest miniature patterns. I used her Tiny Bride and Tiny Groom pattern for my wedding cake toppers. The first is this teeny Tiny Ghost pattern. I love these tiny patterns, so many possibilities. I bought the book a few years ago and I can highly recommend it.

Boo the Bat by Anna HrachovecThe second of Anna’s gorgeous designs is Boo the Bat. These would look so cute hanging in a window coming up to Hallowe’en, with their cute little faces peeking out at people coming trick or treating.

Acorn Ornament by Carmen Rigby-WillsonThese acorns are not traditional Hallowe’en fare, but I still really like them and they are appropriate for this time of year. This pattern is called Acorn Ornament by Carmen Rigby-Willson and I think they are really sweet.

deniza17's Halloween Devil DollLast but not least are these little devils, which can be bought as an individual pattern or as part of the Jolly Halloween collection. This would be a great opportunity to get all your Hallowe’en patterns in one place.

I have to admit living in an adult-only household with two dogs Hallowe’en has lost some of it’s magic for me. But as a child I have many happy memories of dressing up and trick or treating with my mum and friends before visiting the bonfire. Except of course for the year that I dressed as I dressed up as a witch. It turns out I’m allergic to green face paint 😦 Green face paint that I put ALL OVER MY FACE. I’ll never forget that Hallowe’en. Tell me about your Hallowe’en traditions or memories in the comments. I love to hear about traditions from other cultures.

(Permission has kindly been granted by each of the pattern designers to share their photos.)


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