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So the other day I can across this Pin. Isn’t it beautiful? I have two similar coloured yarns in my stash that I bought in Loop in search of a project. But then I realised that there was no link associated with the pin so I couldn’t find the pattern. I tried tracing the pin back to the source through Pinterest but got bored with that. Then I tried asking on Facebook and Twitter and it was here that I found my answer. Which in itself is quite amazing, that I can post a picture of a knitted shawl and someone will recognise the pattern. Thanks April!

giniew's L'envoléeBut. That would make a relatively boring and short blog post. I remembered that you can search Google by image and wondered if this type of search would find the pattern for me (had someone on Facebook not recognised the pattern). The video below explains how to do this better than I could.

I had never noticed the ‘search Google for this image’ option when right clicking an image before (I use Chrome, but this option is apparently available in Firefox too). So I right clicked on the image in Pinterest and looked through the search results. It took a little bit of digging (i.e. clicking through to the second page of results) to find what I was looking for before finding a link to the original blog post featuring the image. Bingo! The blog post then linked to the pattern on Ravelry. So just a few clicks I had what I was looking for – the pattern for the shawl in the original image.

As well as showing matching images, the search for the images service shows visually similar images. A few immediate uses (as well as finding knitting patterns, naturally) for this service jump to mind. I could use this search to see if my images had been used on other sites without my permission. But I could also see my mum, who is fascinated by botany, using this type of search to find the names for flower and trees that she comes across. You could use it to do all sorts of research that just isn’t possible using text searching. Can you think of any other uses for this kind of search? The librarian, as well as the knitter, in me is fascinated by my new discovery.

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