Ready for winter, kinda

At the end of August I attended a Yarn Dating event in my LYS This Is Knit. The evening was a fund twist on the Yarn Tasting events they have run for the last few years and featured new yarn for the new knitting season. In my goodie bag I found a ball of Sublime Superfine Alpaca DK, which was so new it wasn’t even in Ravelry at the time.

The colour is a lovely soft grey – one of my favourite colours. The alpaca was just calling out to be a hat. I chose the Habitat hat by Jared Flood, which is a heavily cabled beanie hat. The yarn is deliciously soft but quite hairy so probably not the best yarn for cables and I was a bit worried that all the manic cabling would be lost in the fluffiness of the yarn. But I’m quite happy with the result. Also, as I was using a DK weight for an aran weight pattern I knitted the large size.

Yarn 047I used two new (to me) techniques for this hat. The first is cabling without a cable needle. I had used this techniques before but I really feel like I have the hang of it now. There are 7 different types of cables in this hat. Seven! So to use a cable needle would really have slowed me down. If you haven’t tried this before I would really recommend giving it a go.

Wooly Woofers 077The second technique I tried was blocking my hat using a balloon. I don’t always block hats, but with this one I felt it would help the cables really pop. I bought a cheap packet of balloons, re-measured my head circumference and blew up the balloon to the same circumference. I didn’t buy the best shaped balloons for this job, but they’ll do. Then you just pop your hat over the balloon and leave to dry. It really did make a difference and now I’m almost ready for winter.

I’m also super excited about a ‘photoshoot’ I did today with my knitted pumpkins so stay tuned for that! All I’ll say is that it involved real pumpkins and knitted pumpkins and I can’t wait to get home later to edit my photos.

What new techniques have you tried recently?


6 thoughts on “Ready for winter, kinda

  1. Blocking with a balloon? I love it! Such a cute idea! In the past I haven’t had great experiences with Sublime yarns, but this one looks really great with the design!

  2. Beautiful hat, I want one just like it now 🙂 I keep forgetting about using a balloon for blocking, and end up with slightly wonky hats as a result. And there are always balloons in our house!

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