Why I blog

Last week I wrote about my crisis of blogging conscience. In that post I explained that my purpose for blogging wasn’t clear to me any more, that I was getting hung up on stats rather than just writing because I enjoy it. Thank you so much to everyone who left feedback on the post or on Twitter, it really helped me figure things out.

Progress 016One of my lovely commenters (I love comments, I can’t lie about that) had three clear reasons as to why she blogs and this prompted me to put down in writing why I am doing this to see if this could clear up my niggling doubts.

  1. I blog because I love writing: I’ve always loved writing, ever since I was young, and I think I’m a little bit good at it.
  2. I blog because I love knitting: They say write what you know, so I write about things I’m passionate about – knitting, libraries and animal welfare.
  3. I blog because I take photographs: I was taking photographs long before I started blogging but this gives me somewhere to share them, rather than just having them sitting on a hard drive.
  4. (and I’m a tiny bit narcissistic (aren’t we all? she whispered hopefully): I’m proud of my knitting, my photography, my writing and I want to share it.)

So there you have it. I love writing, I love knitting, I love photography and I’m a tiny bit narcissistic.


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