Special yarn for a special blanket

Since my last post I have finished three baby blankets (a vaguely masculine blanket, a vaguely feminine blanket and a Blue Skies blanket), although I haven’t had a chance to photograph them. I will, soon, and then I’ll tell you more about them.

I’m now starting a fourth blanket and I’m so excited about the project I couldn’t wait to write about it. I had been admiring the Vivid by Tin Can Knits for quite a while and when then had a BOGOF sale a few months ago I decided to go ahead and buy the pattern, together with Pop. Shortly after that Townhouse Yarns began selling mini skeins of their popular Grafton 4ply yarn in bold rainbow colours. And a plan was formed.

SummerI contacted Townhouse Yarns over Twitter to see if they had any other colour schemes planned for the mini skeins and Jenny offered to custom dye some yarn for me if I had something specific in mind. I didn’t, but took the opportunity to do some research and come up with something. After spending waaaay too much time online I found the image above on Design Seeds. I wanted something gender neutral but with really bright contrasting colours.

Townhouse_Yarns_001Jenny did not disappoint. Here is what she came up with. See why I’m so excited? Using the mods detailed in this project on Ravelry I rekon I can get three squares from each colour which means 18 squares. I might use some dark grey from my stash to make up two last squares to make it an even 20.

Townhouse_Yarns_009I really hated to take these mini skeins out of the packet and wind them but now I have 12 gorgeous cupcakes of yarn ready for knitting. I hope these squares won’t take tooooo long to knit up and I’ll soon have a beautiful custom dyed, hand knitted blanket for a special little someone who is arriving in July.

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