About Me

Knitting cable hat

Knitting has such strong associations for me. I remember my Mum knitting and I remember my Nanny knitting when I was a child. These are the two women I love most in the world, even though my Nanny was only in my life for twelve years.

A few years ago now I found myself in a bit of a creative slump. Then one night while watching weavers Mastercrafts on BBC something happened. Suddenly I had the urge to *do something creative*. A loom was never going to fit into our home so I decided knitting was the next best thing. The next day I looked online for my closest knitting shop, bought some 6mm needles, pink chunky acrylic wool and haven’t looked back since.

You might guess from the photos on my blog that I also love photography. That comes from my Dad, who gave me his old Fuji camera when I was about 7. To this day photography is something I can share with my Dad and he bought me my very own DSLR for my 30th birthday.

I met a childhood friend recently for lunch, who I hadn’t seen in at least 10 years. She asked me if I was still crazy about dogs. I hadn’t realised that I was always this animal mad! As an adult I am passionate about animal welfare, and volunteered with a local animal shelter for three years. I loved volunteering and fostering but I no longer have the time to dedicate to it, although I still advocate and write about animal welfare.

The last thing you might like to know about me is that I retrained as a librarian a few years ago. I am fascinated by digital preservation, metadata and cataloguing, linked data and digital libraries. I was once asked in an interview why I am so interested in libraries – my answer was because libraries democratise knowledge, and knowledge and learning is everything.

I started this blog because I love writing and I felt a blog would allow me to share photos of my knitting. So that’s three things ticked off my list right there.

If you would like to use any of my images for any reason please contact me at jennyhoneill [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “About Me

    • I’m really honoured that you chose me for the award and I’ve read your blog post about it. Unfortunately I’m in the middle of my college semester so I won’t have time to participate. But thanks again, it’s lovely to know you enjoy reading my blog.

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog and have nominated you for a WordPress Family Award! Feel free to check out my post for the award rules.

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