Choosing Affectionate Colours

I read two posts last week that combined sucked me into the Color Affection craze. The first was my local yarn shop’s blog where the staff have gone mad for the pattern. The second was this fabulous version in vivid green combined with shades of grey. After seeing these posts who could resist? My LYS, This Is Knit, then decided to do a mini-KAL on their Ravelry forum. Clearly I no longer had a choice.

Colour Affection 019I spent hours, and I do mean *hours* pouring over colour combinations on the Ravelry project pages. I wanted to research what made a good colour combination before starting out (some people have dreadful taste – there I said it). I’m going to preface the next paragraph by saying this is all just my opinion from looking at what I consider successful combinations on the project pages.


colour-wheel (Photo credit: Jasmic)

I feel you need at least one, if not two neutral colours, so for me that means white, cream, grey, navy, black or even some very pale colours. If you go for two neutrals, then a really bright third colour works great. If you go for one neutral then two contrasting colours seem to work best, colours that are too similar seem to blend into each other and get lost. Thinking of the colour wheel you get yellow and purple, red and green, blue and orange.

I think two shades of the same colour might work too, so a very light green with a bright green for example. I would also put the neutral as the second colour in this case too. And I’ve seen some  beautiful monochrome versions too, using all neutrals or shades of the same ccolour. Solid colours also seem to work best as with variegated yarns the colour changes just get lost. There are just so many combinations, it hurt my brain.

Colour affection collageI headed into This Is Knit yesterday clutching a voucher my SIL gave me for Christmas and determined to find my perfect combination. I picked out a range of colours that appealed to me and spread them out on a table and together with N, who works in This Is Knit, we set about putting different combinations together. When I put the green and pink together I knew I was on to something. I put a light grey with them and then a black as the neutral but wasn’t completely happy until I sandwiched the eggplant between them. Bingo. They just spoke to me.

Colour Affection 026So my final decision was Malabrigo Sock in Lettuce and Eggplant with Millamia in Fuchsia. The eggplant can look more like a dark grey or a dark purple depending on what it’s with, but it will help tone down the vividness of the lettuce and fuchsia. I can’t wait to get started now, although given that a new semester has just started back in college, I’m not sure how much knitting time I’ll have.