FO: My First Ever Wearable

Ok, so I have finished *a whole cardigan*, but it’s not for me. It’s a teeny tiny cardie for my new most favourite baby in the world ever – Holly.

Last year I was watching the BBC program Mastercrafts and I was inspired to go back to some type of craft. I was particularly taken by the program on weaving, but our house is too small for a loom. That’s when it hit me – knitting. You’re still creating something both beautiful and practical but on a much more practical scale.

A bit of online research revealed a wool shop (which I now know should be termed Local Yarn Shop/Store or LYS) in Rathmines, Knit ‘nd Make. For my non-knitty fiends, a FO is a Finished Object, there was a world of new terminology to learn. I bought yarn and needles and the rest, as they say, is history.

When Lidl had a special on yarn in July I bought some Lima cotton [Ravelry link] in peach and in teal in anticipation of my best friend having either a girl or a boy. That’s me, I’m prepared for every eventuality.

It took me exactly two weeks to knit. I used just over two balls, only starting the third for the button band. The yarn has beautiful stitch definition, but I found it a bit… crunchy. I hope it will soften with washing.

After really pushing the boat out on the yarn (which is sarcasm as the yarn cost €1 per ball) I splashed the cash and picked up really cute buttons in A. Rubanesque in the Powerscourt Townhouse. If little H is like her mum (and me) she will be a bit of a magpie.

Here the Ravelry link to the project page.