Yarn Storage

I’ve been knitting for about a year and a half now and have already managed to amass a fair sized yarn stash. Initially I was using a Sortera storage box from Ikea, but this is now overflowing into several paper bags. So I decided a more elegant solution was needed. I also wanted something that could fit, at least most of, my crafty bits and bobs and would also function as an aesthetic piece of furniture.

Once again I turned to Ikea, because they have great storage solutions and because they are, in general, cheap. After much surfing of the Ikea website, I finally settled on a solution I was happy with. My new shelves are going to live in the kitchen where we have white presses with red accessories, so I chose a two by two Expedit shelving unit in white, with four Lekman boxes in red. Seeing as I sorted my stash into ziplock bags I didn’t mind if the boxes weren’t sealed. (I also picked up some ziplock bags, as well as some Ribba photo frames for another project and some new covers for our Karlstad armchairs to replace the white ones which are frankly not compatible with having two dogs.)

I spent an hour or so putting them together and they are done. I’m delighted with them. I should point out that Mia has since eaten the pencil in the photo, you’d swear we don’t feed her. They look good and should be big enough to hold my yarn and at least most of my other crafty bits and pieces. They should also be large enough that I won’t outgrow them (I hope).

I think for the moment I’ll use one box for Lace weights and 4ply, then one for DK, one for Aran and Bulky and then the fourth for other crafts, including ribbons, paper and beads. If you have any better suggestions for how my yarn should be sorted please let me know in the comments as I’d love to hear other ideas.

Oh, and Ollie and Mia like them too.

It’s not quite a craft room, but it is a craft corner and I’m delighted!